Reports of the Assessment Panels

The following list includes Reports of the Assessment Panel and Reports resulting from independent scientific assessments performed by the Institute for Regulatory Science. The list is arranged in accordance with the date of the assessment with most recent assessments appearing at the top of the list.

Each assessment review is linked to an Executive Summary. The executive summary provides an approach to obtain the text of the report.

This list supplements the list of scientific assessments and stakeholder participation reports. Note that on occasion a report may include more than one category (i.e. peer review and scientific assessment). In this case the report appears in more than one list.

Metrics for Assessing Environmental Benefits: Application to Certain EPA Grants: Report of the Review Panel. Report of the Assessment Panel. Recommendations of the Commission on Assessments and Reviews. Prepared in May 2004 and published in July 2004.
Encouraged by Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Desirability of Performing Certain Transuranic Waste Characterization Tests: Report of the Review Panel prepared in August 2003 and published in September 2003.
Sponsor: City of Carlsbad, New Mexico

Assessment of Desirability of the Formation of a Center of Excellence on Hazardous Materials Management in Carlsbad, New Mexico: Report of the Review Panel prepared in July 2002 and published in January 2003.
Sponsor: City of Carlsbad, New Mexico

Assessment of Water Quality Studies in the Vicinity of the Washington Aqueduct: Report of the Review Panel prepared in January 2002 and published in February 2002.
Sponsor: Subcommittee on National Parks, Recreation and Public Lands, U.S. House of Representatives

Water Quality Program of the Department of Natural Resources of the Commonwealth of Virginia: Report of the Review Panel prepared in October 1997 and published in November 1997.
Sponsor: Commonwealth of Virginia